Learning Activity in Iceland

The third short term learning activity for groups of pupils took place in Iceland 22-26 September 2019. The activity was attended by 16 students from the partner schools accompanied by 10 teachers, in addition to the host students and teachers of the host school. The activities of the program included orientation activities in Reykjavík, using … Continue reading »Learning Activity in Iceland

Joined staff training event and a transnational meeting in Slovenia between 27th of September to the 3rd of October.

Our second year of this project started with a teachers meeting in Slovenia. The goal of the meeting was to both introduce new teachers into our project and work methods and also to write our interim report. The transnational meeting took place for two days. The main goal was to write the interim report together. … Continue reading »Joined staff training event and a transnational meeting in Slovenia between 27th of September to the 3rd of October.

The third meeting in Greece

Learning activity –  short term exchanges of groups of pupils. April 18th-22nd , 2018. In April it was finally time to meet again. This was our first meeting with students. We were all excited to meet again and to test wikiloc and the work sheets that we had developed during the teachers previous meetings. Katerina Christodoulou, … Continue reading »The third meeting in Greece

We have a winner!!

The winner of our logo competition is…. Lucia from IES Torellano Spain. Congratulations! With almost 40 % of the votes Lucia was the winner. 102 people voted on our Facebook page. This is her thoughts behind her creation: The tree represents the objectives of the project: alternative learning through routes and awareness of the environment. The … Continue reading »We have a winner!!

Second Meeting in Sweden

November 13th -19th 2017 The second meeting of our project took place in Sweden in the middle of  November. The mail goal was to further plan the project and to prepare for our first meeting with students in Greece. We started our meeting with Swedish tradition of Christmas food and sauna with bathing in the cold water. … Continue reading »Second Meeting in Sweden

First Meeting in Iceland

September 24-27 2017. Our first meeting took place om Iceland, with our project coordinator. The purpose of the meeting was both social and functional. This was the first time we all meet in person. During the applications process the communications was mainly by mail and Google docs. Some of us had been in projects together … Continue reading »First Meeting in Iceland