Hersby Gymnasium is an upper secondary school on the island of Lidingö, close to Sweden’s capital Stockholm. The school was founded in 1913 and recently celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Hersby Gymnasium is situated in the center of the island. The school consists of two school buildings, a school dinner, a sports arena with gym, outside soccer field, basketball court and beach volleyball court. The outside areas were renovated in the year 2013.

Today approximately 950 students study at Hersby Gymnasium.   The school provides four different programs to the students – Economic, Social Science, Natural Science and Technical Science. Our students likes their school and the “hersby spirit”.

Hersby Gymnasium is to date involved in many different projects with international character. Students from the school travel each year to countries like China, India, Ethiopia, United States, France, Germany and many more to participate in different exchange and learning activities.

Hersby Gymnasium started the application process for a Erasmus+ project during the spring of 2014. Our partners were located though old partnerships, through friends and through e-twinning. In august 2014 the project was approved and we started our work together…

Teachers coordinating the project on Hersby Gymnasium:

Patrik Roddar
Coordinator for Route, teaches in social science, history and athletic/health.

Johanna Rasmussen
Teaches in history, geography and psychology.