First Meeting in Iceland

September 24-27 2017.

Our first meeting took place om Iceland, with our project coordinator. The purpose of the meeting was both social and functional. This was the first time we all meet in person. During the applications process the communications was mainly by mail and Google docs. Some of us had been in projects together before. Spain and Iceland had just finished a Erasmus + project. Sweden and Greece had worked together before also in an Erasmus + project. The Slovenians were new to this project. So one purpose of meeting early on in the project was to get to know each other. In order to do this we went to cabins in the country side of Iceland. Here we got the opportunity to get close and have a lot of time for both meetings and social activities. Each day consisted of both meetings to plan the project and of excursions to the marvelous surroundings on Iceland. During the excursions we practiced different ways to use the app Wikiloc for tracking hikes and to combine IT with work sheets for our students.

This meeting was a perfect start to our project. We turned out to be very compatible in the way we think about work process and the goals for our project. We left Iceland with happy memories, new friends and a feeling of that this will be a fantastic project.