We have a winner!!

The winner of our logo competition is….

Lucia from IES Torellano Spain. Congratulations!

With almost 40 % of the votes Lucia was the winner. 102 people voted on our Facebook page.

This is her thoughts behind her creation:

The tree represents the objectives of the project: alternative learning through

routes and awareness of the environment.

The leaves of the tree represent the countries in which we live. From left to

right: Sweden, Iceland, Slovenia, Spain and Greece.

The roots represent the origin of the countries and therefore the objective of the

project: to delve into the history of each place. In a metaphorical way, the

countries (leaves) would be the final result of their origins (roots) throughout

history (route through roots, stem, branches and leaves).

In addition, the roots are those that give name to the project, ROOTS, being the

tree the T of that word.

Thank you Lucia for your beautiful logo. It will be perfect for our project

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