Logo Competition

Welcome to take part  in ROOTS logo competition!

Here are the info about how to work on logo for our project.

The deadline to give in the logo is: 31 January 2018

Each school can upload from one to three logos, depending on how good they are.

Please upload the logos in the Drive folder.

When you upload logos please name the logo with the county name.

Choosing the best logo

Then we will put it on our facebook page and let the students vote for it.

But the final saying will have the jury. Please write the name of the person of the jury.


Island: Ellen Magnúsdóttir, ellen@mr.is

Slovenia: Irma Gnezda, art teacher

Spain: Joaquín Burgos

Sweden: Stina Lundholm


The student(s), which will create the winning logo will get a small present from each country and can choose in which mobility they want to participate.


When you work on logo please take into consideration the following:

A logo can/should:

  • be a word or an image/icon or both
  • be simple
  • be original, creative
  • be artistically interesting and noticeable
  • have a clear message

Below you find some articles with examples and advice:




The popular colours nowadays are:


Some examples of modern logos:




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