Grövelsjön skiing and winter skills

During 4 days and nights a group of 45 graduating students and four teachers went to the Swedish mountains for a winter experience. Our destination Grövelsjön Is situated 500km northwest of  Stockholm/Lidingö and only 2km from the Norwegian border. The students participating are all enrolled in the advanced physical education course at our school focusing on outdoor activities. The purpose this time is to train the students in coping and survivals skills in cold climate. To make this possible we teach the students the necessity of proper clothing, food and shelter skills. For example they build different shelters to hide from the blistering cold climate and wind. One night they all got the chance to sleep in a snow shelter which took a whole day to build. The experience is also to learn using maps and compass to orient them in a sometime dangerous environment, for example detecting avalanches.

The way to transport yourselves is on skis. Here the group got the chance to try skis that are made for skiing outside the trails. Visiting the Swedish nature and wildlife is also a great opportunity to just have fun and enjoying the wintery scenery.

One of our wikiloc trails: