On the Top of Sweden (or almost)!

On the 23rd of August 55 students and 3 teacher from Hersby gymnasium reached the highest mountain in Sweden,  Kebnekaise.

Kajsas story:

“Our journey started 2 days earlier when we left Lidingö on a train. With us we carried 30 kg of material for the excursion. After traveling with train and bus we had to carry our backpacks for 8 km to the mountain station. Here we prepared and rested for an early start the next day. At 6 am the group started our top attempt. It is a slow and hard way up the mountain. We made many stops to eat and rest in order to make it all the way. But finally we made it all the way up. The view is breathtaking. The feeling is overwhelming. To be standing on the top of Sweden!

But making it to the top is only half way, we had to walk back down again. It took all of our strength and willpower to walk down and back to the mountain station. The final group returned at 8 pm, after walking a whole day. But what an achievement! The following day we walked back to civilization and took the bus and train home. Returning home with a nice feeling of achieving the seemingly impossible!


(It was only after a couple of days at home that we learned, that due to climate change and the melting of the glaciers in Sweden, that the top had shrunk and was no longer the highest point in Sweden. So we had made it to the second highest point – but we are still happy about our achievement!) “

The goal of this excursion is to move the classroom outside. To combine both physical education and natural science. The students learn about the artic landscape and the flora and fauna. They learn about how to make hikes in a safe way and how to survive if something should happen during a hike. The students are  matched in to groups that are responsible for each other. The groups planes and help each other to make this achievement. This is also an important learning experience, how to work together during hard and long excursions.

And even though we did not make it to the top of Sweden – we have learned a lot, laughed a lot, pushed ourselves to our limits, struggled, felt pride, joy and comradery and finally made a memory for life….